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MrSirDaisy246Added by MrSirDaisy246

Darren has particepated in singing compstions in

Calgary and has won some but he is in the Canadian

music show The next star.


Darren lives in Calgary,Alberta,Canada.

Darren is 11 (10 at auditions).

Darren is going to Grade 6 (2012-2013).

The only reason why Jasmine says why he chooses female songs over male is

his voice isnt deep enough and said he couldnt hit low notes.


Songs Sang by darren
Type Song Orignal Artist Auditions Grenade Bruno Mars
Top 13 Only Girl Rhianna
Top 6 Semi 1 Give your Heart A Break Demi Lavato
Top 6 semi 2 Pay Phone Maroon 5
Top 6 Semi 3 Domino Jessie J
Top 6 Semi 4
Top 6 Semi 5
Top 6 Semi 6
Top 6 Semi 7
Top 6 Semi 8
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